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A Family Favorite

Saveway Market is the grocery market of choice for Salmon, Idaho. The last stop between many national forests, we strive to be a great experience for our neighbors and the many wonderful tourists that swing in for a quick stock-up. From whatever facet of life, we value the customers in our store, their contribution to keeping their local economy flourishing and the rich history within our community.

Nestled near the whitewater of the infamous Salmon River, Saveway market is home to many adventure-craving souls. Stop in today to see how we can serve our neighbors and our intrepid white water friends!

Our History

Saveway Market, originally called The People's Market, was purchased in Mackay, Idaho in 1928 by John Bills, Lawrence Bills, and Edmond Bills. A second store was opened on Main Street in Salmon, Idaho in 1931 and the name was changed to Saveway. John and Lawrence moved to Salmon, while Edmond stayed to run the store in Mackay. In 1933 John drowned in the Salmon River, just below Pine Creek, while taking some employees over to work for the summer in one of his mining claims. The Mackay store was closed and Edmond moved to Salmon to run the store here.

In 1936 the store was relocated to 520 Main Street and later to 520 Shoup Street in 1972. In August of 1973, Edmond became ill and his son Jim took over. Saveway's growth continued in 1999 with the building of a new store located at 1200 Shoup Street. Jim and his sons, Nathan and Patrick, own the store today representing third and fourth generations respectively.

The growth and success of Saveway is attributed to the many great people who have supported us throughout these many years of service. Theirs is the credit for our success. We express deep gratitude to them for their support.